Austin Creek Elementary School teaches more than academics. Here is the list of life skills we learn.

CaringTo feel and show concern for others
Common SenseTo use good judgment
CooperationTo work together toward a common goal or purpose
CourageTo act according to your beliefs
CuriosityA desire to learn or know about things
EffortTo do your best
FlexibilityThe ability to alter plans when necessary
FriendshipTo make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring
InitiativeTo do something because it needs to be done
IntegrityTo act according to what’s right and wrong
OrganizationTo work in an orderly way
PatienceTo wait calmly
PerseveranceTo keep at it
PrideSatisfaction from doing your personal best
Problem SolvingTo create solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems
ResourcefulnessTo respond to challenges in creative ways
ResponsibilityTo do what’s right
Sense of HumorTo laugh and be playful